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Francis Armenia Northup was born May 22, 1875, the daughter of Charles Wesley and Eliza (Durrin) Northup She married Ira Lord. They had the Dance Hall called The Silver Spray before moving to Aberdeen, S.D., where Ira managed an elevator.

Their children were Estille, Eileen, Lucy and Alva. Estille joined the army and fought with the Flying Tigers in the Burma campaign before joining the British. Uncle Dean has a picture of his cross in the National Cemetary in Cambridge, England. Eileen married Frank Wolf, who worked at the insane assylum in Fergus. Alva married George Williams, and took over Silver Spray when Ira moved to Aberdeen, South Dakota. Their children were Ruby, Lucille, Darwin, Harold and Floyd, who had a tavern, Lincoln Inn in Fergus. Lucy Hubbard died at 104 years old in Fresno, California. Her children; Margie Mae, Phylis and Don still live there.

Ira later married Kate Roget and had another son, Glenn, who is now pastor of the Maine Twp. Presbyterian Church.

Ira and Francis Lord Family

Children of Ira and Francis Lord

Alva (or Elvah) Lord B. ?? M. George Williams died; ??
Lucy Gladys Lord B. 1894 M. Lester Harrison Hubbard D. 1998 Fresno, Ca.
Charles B. ?? M. D. at 15 Years of Age
Boy B. ?? M. D. ??
Lelah B. ?? M. D. ??
Eileen; B. ?? M.Frank Wolf D. ??
Estille; B. ?? D. in WW1I, Flying Tigers of meningitis